DSA endorsement letter for Jay Varney for Sheriff of Madera County

This is a letter that was sent out to the local newspapers in the County of Madera showing the endorsement of Jay Varney for Sheriff of Madera County by the Madera DSA.

PO Box 826 MADERA, CA  93639                          

Dear Members of the Madera County Community, 

My name is Toinie Jackson and I am the Political Chair for the Madera County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. The Deputy Sheriff Association consists of Deputy Sheriffs, and District Attorney Investigators from both the criminal and welfare fraud divisions. These individuals not only protect the Madera County community but manycall it home. As many already know, the Deputy Sheriff’s Association has endorsed Chief Jay Varney for the office of Madera County Sheriff. It has been said recently that this decision was made because it is “a good ‘ol-boy system”. As a way of clarification, there is an internal candidate for Sheriff that was endorsed by the current Sheriff. The Madera County Deputy Sheriff’s Association has chosen to endorse the outside candidate. In doing so, we as an association are taking a huge risk. I would like take a moment to share with you the reasons the Deputy Sheriff's Association have chosen to support Chief Jay Varney:

Chief Jay Varney has been with the Chowchilla Police Department since 2004. He is also the acting City Administrator and has helped keep the city operating in times of dire financial distress. He has had to face making the hard decisions to balance a budget. Chief Jay Varney has over 31 years in law enforcement with 19 of those years being an administrator. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and has earned a certificate in Criminal Justice Education. He has earned his Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University and Master’s degree in Criminology from Fresno State University, as well as an Executive Certificate from the California Peace Officer Standards and Training. In addition to these qualifications, he is a proven leader and administrator who has not only earned our endorsement but also the endorsement of all other law enforcement agencies within the County of Madera. He is simply the right choice for Sheriff.

The other candidate for Sheriff is more of the same. The department currently suffers from low morale and a growing disconnect between the administration and the deputies. This continues to spill over to the community with low staffing levels. Areas that need more deputies, like the Madera Ranchos and outlying county areas, are told they can report crimes via Facebook and on other social media outlets instead of having the deserved visibility of sworn personnel. We have chosen Chief Jay Varney for our endorsement because it is time for a change. No more “good ‘ol boy” ways of thinking. It is time to make the department a better place to work and a better law enforcement presence in the County of Madera. I strongly encourage all registered voters to elect Chief Jay Varney for Sheriff of Madera County on November 4th.

Thank you for listening to the members of the community and those who serve you.


Toinie Jackson

Madera County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

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