DSA endorsement letter for Brett Fraizer District 1

PO Box 826 MADERA, CA  93639                          

Dear Members of the Madera County Community, 

My name is Toinie Jackson and I am the Political Chair for the Madera County Deputy Sheriff’s Association. The Deputy Sheriff Association consists of Deputy Sheriffsand District Attorney Investigators from both the criminal and welfare fraud divisions. These individuals not only protect the Madera County community but many call it home.

In response to recent letter to the editor, it was stated that Brett Frazier has been endorsed by public employee unions because of monetary reasons. I cannot speak on behalf of the other associations but I can for the Deputy Sheriff’s Association. We all know there is a shortage of Deputies on the road. This translates to longer response times, decreased visibility, and reactive versus proactive patrolling. The truth is the Board of Supervisors has direct control over the number of available positions the Sheriff is allowed to fill. If the board does not approve to hire more deputies, we the community, are stuck with what we have. By working together we can make positive and lasting change. It benefits everyone when all levels of county government work together to make this a better place to live.

My next point has to do with his commitment to the citizens of Madera County District 1. The author posed the question about what happened to his commitment when he ran for city council. This simple answer is when someone is in the political eye and has to deal with a personal issue, it is always best to remove yourself from the situation and not put your personal life front and center. I’m sure everyone can agree that private matters are best left private. The fact is Brett Frazier is here for the long haul. He has been dedicated to public service since he first ran for city council years ago. He’s been vocal at all of the MD10A meetings and at the Board of Supervisors meetings.

Lastly, negative campaign tactics are never pleasant. They leave a bitter taste in the mouth of those that write them as well as the people they attempt to slander. Fortunately for Brett Frazier, he has maintained a high level of professionalism and integrity when it comes to this matter. He has not attacked his opponent because they both agreed to do so. Looking at this in a “big picture” sort of way, Mona Diaz made an agreement and then went back on it and did the opposite. Is this the same type of behavior we can expect when it comes to issues regarding District 1? Will she shake our hands only to go back on her word and sell us out? I don’t like the sounds of that one bit.  

Vote for consistency. Vote for new leadership and new ideas. Vote to end the “good ‘ol boy” way of thinking. I strongly encourage all registered voters to elect Brett Frazier for District 1 Supervisor on November 4th.

Thank you for listening to the members of the community and those who serve you.


Toinie Jackson

Madera County Deputy Sheriff’s Association

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